Break The Box

This is a sexual violence prevention campaign created by Citizen Group that targets one of the roots of rape culture. I helped concept the idea for the campaign based on a brilliant TED talk. We tried to expose how gender stereotypes of what it means to be a man or woman — for instance, boys are supposed to be strong and assertive and girls are supposed to be beautiful and accommodating — can limit the worth and potential of both genders, and also creates an unequal balance of power that perpetuates sexual violence in our society. Many campaigns exist around sexual assault prevention in the moment, but we decided to take an alternate position, addressing the social conditioning that leads to sexual assault and a society that accepts it. Viewers of the campaign were encouraged to 'Break the Box' of gender stereotypes and inequality. 

I designed the logo for the campaign, and wrote the script for the video piece with Art Director, Ian Boyle and Copywriter, Tu Vu. I also represented our client on set while working with our production company, Ntropic, to oversee casting and making sure messaging was being carried through in the final edit. Additionally, Tu Vu and I wrote the 10 weeks of social content for the accompanying website hosted by 

The campaign touched many people personally, gaining over 15,000 pledges on and over 1.2 million Youtube views. We were also featured in the 2013 Communication Arts Design Annual.

As a follow up to this campaign, we created a "Break the Box toolkit" for schools that had messaging points for educators, exercises and discussion plans based around the video, class worksheets, materials for a class activity, and posters to be displayed around campus. Again, Tu Vu and I wrote the copy for this, and I designed the educational booklet and posters.