Health Mart Pharmacy

Health Mart is a brand of local, independent pharmacies around the U.S. With Citizen Group, I was part of the team that developed the 'Local Hero' campaign to highlight the pharmacists in their communities. I art directed various photo and video shoots around the country, working on details such as the final shot list, casting for the shoot, art direction on site, final photo selection, and working with photographer Mitch Tobias and retouching company PDI to create the final image and video assets (directed by Josh Murphy). From there I worked with contract designers to create mechanicals for several out-of-home pieces in each of the 16 locations including billboards, vehicle wraps, and large-scale posters. Copy was written by Robin Raj.  

As a separate project, designer Morgan Marcani and I have created over 250 marketing templates for local pharmacists to customize. Assets included billboards, posters, flyers, newspaper ads, A-frames, bag stuffers, sell sheets, etc. for multiple themed campaigns. Copy for these templates was written by Tu Vu. This assignment also included some national marketing in the form of digital ads and landing pages on the Health Mart website. 

Additionally, I worked on developing a co-branding logo and usage guidelines for Health Mart as a way to elevate and increase use of their national brand design in stores without losing the independent feel of the local pharmacies, many of whom have an established logo and brand in their communities.